Loved by Dogs.
Backed by Vets.

Loved by Dogs.
Backed by Vets.

Trusted By America's Top Vets

All Hungry Bark products are backed by veterinarians across the country. Our ingredients, cooking process, responsible sourcing, and cleanliness standards set a new precedent for what premium kibble and dog food supplements should mean.

"The Ingredients Are Wonderful"

The addition of probiotics to all the recipes is a wonderful idea, and the probiotic content is very high as a result. I am also particularly impressed with the addition of taurine to the grain free recipes to prevent diet related dilated cardiomyopathy.


"A Superior Grain-Free Formula"

The Hungry Bark Lamb & Turkey formula promotes a strong and healthy immune system because it is particularly rich in antioxidant, vitamin and mineral-sources such as lentils, garbanzo and fava beans, sweet potatoes and pumpkin. The canola and coconut oils are healthy sources of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which promote shiny coat and healthy skin. It contains live and naturally occurring microorganisms like L. casei, L. acidophilus, B. animalis and L. reuteri, which promote proper digestion, healthy gut, optimal stool quality and proper nutrient absorption.


"A Well-Balanced Diet"

The Chicken & Turkey Recipe diet stands out from many other commercial diets because it contains many natural ingredients yet also contains some of the ingredients that are put into a few of the therapeutic diets prescribed by veterinarians.


"Good Quality Ingredients"

Hungry Bark has more probiotics than any leading brand that I know, which is great for maintaining gut health, something that can also be easily taken for granted. I liked the different options in meats, which is how it can have something for everyone depending on what the particular dog needs or what the owner is looking for. With the mix of all the other ingredients present in all of the recipes, it is a very nutritious meal no matter which protein is chosen for the dog.


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