Packaging Built with You, Your Pup and
the Earth in Mind

Packaging Built with You, Your Pup and
the Earth in Mind

Super Premium Products. Equally Great Packaging.

We get it: nothing stops your day like feeding Fido stale, flavorless kibble. We’ve all had ripped bags, unreliable re-seals. That’s why Hungry Bark said enough! Dogs deserve better - and so do their owners. Each bag of our premium kibble is built to last and bring the freshest flavors to each of your dogs’ meals.

Ever-Fresh Locking Interior

Our bags work even better than they look. Our Ever-Fresh locking interior ensures your premium kibble stays fresh out of the oven and delivered to your door.

Advanced Re-Seal

Our Ever-Fresh Re-Seal lock ensures your super premium kibble stays top-quality until the last morsel is gone. No more stale dog food, no more sad pups.

Ultra-Thick Lining

Ready to store anywhere you have room. Our ultra-thick lining prevents against tears, hungry chews, and pests - all while keeping the goods fresher longer.

Made with Recycled Materials

We wouldn’t be making the world a better place for dogs if we weren’t helping to make the world better, too. Every Hungry Bark bag is made with recycled materials. Your food won’t go to waste - your packaging shouldn’t either.

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