Hungry Bark
A Tail of Two Rescues

Hungry Bark
A Tail of Two Rescues

Our Story

As Hungry Bark’s founder, I understand the importance of great nutrition on a personal level. A few years ago my life was dramatically transformed by switching to a nutritiously-advanced diet, full of superfoods and high-quality proteins. Being a deeply devoted dog owner, it got me thinking about how much human nutrition had advanced while pet nutrition had remained relatively stagnant for decades. If my own daily performance and wellbeing were enhanced from a cleaner, whole-foods diet, dogs certainly deserved the same. Hungry Bark exists today to offer pet parents affordable and convenient access to super premium, nutritious dog food.

Reasonably-priced, customized nutrition plans delivered free - that’s Hungry Bark!

Nick Molina, Founder & CEO

It All Began With Shorty

Shorty, my first rescued dog, taught me how important it is for pet-seekers to seriously consider shelters and rescues. With over 3 million dogs entering US shelters each year, adopting rescues and shelter dogs gives us a chance to save animals and develop bonds that last a lifetime.

Then Came Barkley

A few years later, it was time for another fur baby in the family. This was a great opportunity to teach my son about the value and importance of adopting dogs in need. One trip to Jamie’s Rescue in Miami, FL, and Barkley became our next resident pup! It was off to find the perfect dog food for Barkley.

They Both Deserved Better

While checking out dog food options at the supermarket and pet store, I grew incredibly frustrated. Regardless of brand or price, most dog food varieties amounted to the same mix: crude protein and unhealthy fillers. "There had to be better than this" I thought. “Barkley’s and Shorty’s diet should be full of nutritious whole foods, too. Dogs deserve better.” I thought.

Barkley is now the face of Hungry Bark and is the inspiration behind our logo; handsome, isn’t he? You’ll notice his sweet mug throughout our site because he represents the happiness and pure joy that comes with rescuing. Quite famous already, Barkley will soon be the world’s most famous rescued pup!

Why Hungry Bark?

Our dogs give us so much; they deserve the absolute best. The cost and access to high-quality foods should be affordable for all pet parents - not just an elite few. Nutritionally-sound diets made of real, whole foods, helps us to ensure our dogs’ needs are met so they can continue living their best lives!

Because dogs deserve better.

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