Hungry Bark
A Tail of Two Rescues

Hungry Bark
A Tail of Two Rescues

Our Story

We are passionate about helping dogs live long and healthy lives so they can spend more quality years with their owners.

We know that what our dogs eat plays a key role in them living longer. Some dogs eat whatever is given to them, but it doesn’t mean that they truly enjoy it or that it’s nutritionally sound. My rescue Shorty would eat cardboard if I gave it to her. Others, like my Shih-Tzu Cindy, simply turn their noses up at the food in front of them if it doesn’t really excite them.

Most dog food today lacks taste and nutrition – and they all lack variety. I mean… who wants to eat the same thing day in and day out right?

As a deeply devoted dog owner and Hungry Bark’s founder, I set out to create a simple and affordable way for dogs to enjoy their meals and get the nutrition they need.

An all-natural, minimally-processed, dehydrated, raw single-ingredient Mix-in that you mix right into your dog’s existing food. It adds taste and a nutritional boost, while providing variety by changing it up with every meal.

We are honored to share this labor of love with you and your dog, and hope that it brings you both many years of health and happiness.

Nick Molina, Founder & CEO

It All Began With Shorty

Shorty, my first rescued dog, taught me how important it is for pet-seekers to seriously consider shelters and rescues. With over 3 million dogs entering US shelters each year, adopting rescues and shelter dogs gives us a chance to save animals and develop bonds that last a lifetime.

Then Came Barkley

A few years later, it was time for another fur baby in the family. This was a great opportunity to teach my son about the value and importance of adopting dogs in need. One trip to Jamie’s Rescue in Miami, FL, and Barkley became our next resident pup! It was off to find the perfect dog food for Barkley.

Barkley is now the face of Hungry Bark and is the inspiration behind our logo; handsome, isn’t he? You’ll notice his sweet mug throughout our site because he represents the happiness and pure joy that comes with rescuing.

They Both Deserved Better

Proving them with delicious and nutritious meals that they enjoyed became increasingly difficult. Sure, I could buy them super premium food (and I did), but eventually they just became bored of eating the same thing day in and day out... no matter how much they loved it initially. Continually switching their food to keep them interested was simply not an option since doing so wreaks havoc on a dog's digestive system.

My dogs deserve healthy, nutritious meals that they enjoy eating as much as I enjoy my meals. All dogs deserve better.

There simply had to be a better way right?

Shorty and Barkley were my inspiration to create Hungry Bark Mix-ins - where you can give your dog more taste, more variety and a powerful nutritional boost.

Why Hungry Bark?

Our dogs give us so much; they deserve the absolute best. Nutritionally-sound diets made of real, whole foods, helps ensure our dogs are healthy and happy so we can enjoy more time together.

Because Dogs Deserve Better