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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so confident in our recipes that we offer a 100% refund if your dogs don’t love them on their first try! In the rare case you or your dog aren’t thrilled with our products, you can request a refund here, or reach out to our Customer Service agents who will be happy to address your concerns. You’ll receive a 100% refund on your purchase price, and, if you bought multiple bags, just send us the rest back unopened - we'll even pay for the shipping back. We’ll take care of the rest.

Quality + Freshness Your Dog Craves

We’re celebrated for our unique perspective on dog food: premium kibble, ever-fresh packaging, sensational supplements, and all-natural, non-GMO products with no filler. Food your dogs crave. Ingredients you can trust.

Canines, Their Companions & the Planet

We didn’t reinvent buying dog food. We made it how it should be. Hungry Bark aims to make the world a better place for dogs and humans alike. We’re not just selling premium kibble and supplements; we’re creating a community of like-minded individuals who believe dogs deserve better and who want to be the change they wish to see in the world. Our products are responsibly sourced, even down to our packaging that we make with recycled materials. Reducing our carbon footprint and making more room for paw prints across the globe.

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Super premium kibble blends and supplements backed by top veterinarians

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