Hungry Bark Update

Dear Hungry Bark Customers,

It’s always been our goal to deliver happiness to both you and your pups during mealtime. There has been an enormous amount of positive feedback centered around our Beef, Chicken, and Salmon Protein Mix-ins.

Your pups seem to really appreciate the added variety they bring to each mealtime, and the extra nutritional boost as well. It’s a win, win.

In light of this feedback, we have made the decision to focus solely on our Mix-in product line moving forward. With this new focus, we will quickly be introducing many new Mix-in recipes that your dog can enjoy. Expect those new recipes to become available very soon!

Our renewed mission at Hungry Bark will be centered around helping as many dogs as possible enjoy their meal time as much as their owners do. This means more taste, more variety (who wants to eat the same thing every day, right?) and more nutrition.  

By focusing our efforts on our Mix-ins, which don’t require a change of primary food or break the bank, we now have the opportunity to bring this mission to a greater number of dogs.

For customers who are currently subscribed to one of our existing Dry Food or Supplement Chew recipes, we are committed to continuing to provide those offerings to your pup for the foreseeable future. There is no action necessary from you at this time - we’ll continue to ship your orders out in a timely manner so your pup will be able to enjoy their favorite meals and supplements.

Need to order more Dry Food or Supplements right away? No problem - you can adjust your existing subscription by logging into your account portal, or can you also order directly from Hungry Bark’s store.

We look forward to continuing to create a better life for dogs and their humans!


Team Hungry Bark