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Every idea starts with a problem or two. Our's were simple:  we believed that every pet parent should be able to feed their canine babies the best dog food available - super premium dog food thats, yummy, nutritious and easy-to-serve.   The problem was that super premium dog food was crazy expensive and often required tedious and messy preparation.  Feeding our furry friends the best dog food shouldn't be that difficult or break the bank.  

It turns out there was a simple explanation. The dog food industry is riddled with numerous friction points that touch your pet's food ("middlemen") before it gets into their bellies.  Ingredient providers, wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers all add costs that eventually get passed down to pet parents.

By eliminating most of these friction points and going directly from manufacturing to pet parents, we are able to provide super-premium dog food that’s all-natural, healthy, delicious and available at  prices everyone can afford.  That’s why we started Hungry Bark!  Now... can we get a woof woof?