Maintain A Surplus Of Hungry Bark

It's important that you maintain a surplus of your dog's Hungry Bark products at all times so you never run out due to unforeseen circumstances, such as lost packages or delayed shipments.

Why it's important:


  • Timing - Orders can take 7-10 days to arrive. Ordering additional food, while you still have a few weeks on-hand, is necessary to ensure you never run out.

  • Availability - Hungry Bark products are only available online, so you won't be able to rush to the store and get more same-day if you run out.

  • Health - Dogs thrive when they eat the same healthy diet like Hungry Bark every day. Switching their food, shocks their digestive system and puts their health at risk.

It's recommended that you always keep an additional 2-4 weeks worth of Hungry Bark in your home at all times. That way you sleep better at night knowing your pup's meals will always be readily available.

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