What Is The Best Food For Active Dogs? Any Why?

By Hungry Bark | August 14, 2020

If you lead an active lifestyle, you know how important nutrition is. You need to keep your body fueled and provide enough nutrients to support the bone and muscle development that exercise promotes. The same is true of active dogs. They need to meet specific caloric needs to maintain their activity levels and get the correct balance of nutrients to keep their bodies functioning at optimum levels.

How To Know If You Have An Active Dog

There is a difference in dogs who are getting exercise and an active dog. If you make sure your dog gets healthy levels of exercise through walks and play, you are helping your dog stay fit and maintaining their activity levels. A person who exercises is fit, but that doesn’t make them a professional athlete. It’s the same in the canine world.

An active dog is a dog that is constantly on the move or a high energy breed. Athletic dogs, such as those in agility, herding and hunting dogs, and working dogs like police and service dogs are all considered active. Certain breeds are naturally more active and energetic than others. These are the dogs that require large amounts of challenging activity to keep them from being destructive when bored.

Some of the most active breeds include:

  • Border Collies
  • Golden Retrievers
  • Jack/Parsons Russell Terriers
  • Siberian Huskies
  • Beagles

Your dog does not need to belong to one of these breeds to be active. Mixed breeds can be just as high-energy as purebred dogs. Be aware of your dog’s energy levels and how much exercise they require to stay calm and happy.

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What To Consider If You Have An Active Dog

When living with an active dog, there are some things you have to keep in mind:

  • They need structured activity. A game of catch, tug-of-war, and frequent walks are easy ways to help them get the wiggles out.
  • Their brains need to stay engaged. Setting up puzzle courses for treats keeps their brains active and gives them something to do.
  • They can get destructive if bored. Dogs from working breeds are hard-wired to constantly be on the move. Without a lot of activity, they get bored and can turn destructive.

They need help calming down after exercise. A good brushing, food puzzle toy, or basic obedience training, helps them refocus and helps them relax.

What Is The Best Food For Active Dogs

Active, high-energy dogs have a higher caloric need. This does not mean they need more food. Instead, they need a food with a higher fat and protein content to support their metabolism. When looking for dog food, try to find one with a fat ratio of over 20% and protein content of more than 28%. There are other nutritional needs to keep in mind when trying to find the right food for your active dog.

  • Amino acids. These help to reduce fatigue after activity and support muscle repair.
  • B-Vitamins. These aid in the conversion of nutrients into energy.
  • Magnesium. Helps maintain activity levels.
  • Whole food ingredients. This helps ensure that the food is high quality and has a good nutrient profile.

A good quality dog food is important for any dog. High-quality ingredients that can be traced back to their source mean that there is accountability in the production of the food. High-quality food means better nutritional value to help maintain your dog’s performance. Food is fuel, and to ensure your dog’s continued performance, and health, you need to make sure your dog is getting the nutrition they need. Poor nutrition, especially in an active dog, can lead to low energy levels, injuries, poor skin and coat quality, and a decreased quality of life.

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Shop Hungry Bark For Super Premium Food For Active Dogs

A food like those offered by Hungry Bark offers a well-rounded nutritional profile. Their recipes are packed with superfood ingredients, and their ingredients are ethically sourced and can be traced directly to the supplier. Hungry Bark food has a macronutrient profile that is well suited for an active dog.

If you have a working dog, there are seasons where they are more active and may require more protein. In these cases, an additive like the Hungry Bark Protein Mix-Ins adds a protein boost and a kick of flavor. These mix-ins are also great for any dog that needs more protein in its diet.

To help your active dog continue to live their best life, make sure their activity levels are met. This will help ensure a peaceful house and may encourage you to lead a more active lifestyle yourself. Keep them in peak condition with a nutritious, well-balanced diet. This will keep them healthy and ensure you and your dog live a happy and active life together for years to come.

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