Why Your Dog's Breed Matters

By Hungry Bark | January 20, 2021

Different breeds of dogs are susceptible and genetically predisposed to different health conditions. These health conditions can become apparent during any point of your dog's life and can be serious.

Keep reading to find out more about predisposed health concerns for a few popular dog breeds!

Labrador Retrievers
Hip Dysplasia
German Shepherds
Hip Dysplasia
Golden Retrievers
Skin Allergies
Eye Problems
Shih Tzus
Hip Dysplasia
Eye Anomalies
Periodontal Disease
Collapsing Trachea
Tooth + Gum Disease
Stomach Sensitivities

According to research conducted by Veterinarians at Tufts University, many of these predisposed health conditions can be prevented and/or treated in part by a nutritionally balanced diet.

With all of the knowledge regarding the ways in which a dog's breed can impact their overall health, we created the Custom Meal Planner. Not only does the Custom Meal Planner take a dog's breed into account, it also factors in other key aspects such as a dog's age, weight, activity level, and so much more. Following the Custom Meal Planner, you'll be presented with the perfect meal plan for your unique pup , including a meal, tasty supplement chew, and protein mix-in, based on all of the factors listed above.

Are you ready to get started? Let's take the guesswork out of caring for your pup.

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