Welcome To Hungry Bark 🐾

We’re a team of dog loving paw-rents who spend the best hours of our day figuring out the most effective ways to help enhance dog’s lives and overall well being.

Daunting task you say? Not for us. We find it exhilarating to help push an entire industry forward.

Truth is, there is nothing more telling of overall well being than diet and nutrition. The food we choose to feed our dogs is their primary source of nutrition, vitamins, minerals and as such, can either help support their overall health or could be the primary reason for sickness and/or decreasing health.

Our initial understanding of the deficit of nutritious dog food on the market began when our CEO, Nick Molina, was searching for wholesome dog food to feed his new rescued puppy, Barkley. His options were disappointing. He realized that while human nutrition had made huge advances, pet food was left far behind.

Since then, we have brought together a team of dog-loving hoomans and invested in deeply researching the dog food industry, collaborated with teams of nutrition experts and veterinarians, compliance and regulation bodies, and pet parents themselves to dissect the information we gathered as well as the requirements for optimal pet nutrition. A key learning is that the information available regarding ingredients and pet nutrition is minimal and contradicting. Not only is it confusing, but sadly, it’s been purposefully constructed that way.

Until now. Anything that is confusing and deceiving is unacceptable to us. So, we created Hungry Bark to unpack all nonsense and create a fresh new start. We are a company dedicated to creating a better life for dogs & their humans. First through transparent ingredients and purposeful nutrition education, and secondly, to support pets in need.

To attract the right team members & talent, and to ensure we build the best community possible, we developed our Core Values to act as a guiding light behind everyone we hire and everything we do:

Our Core Values

  • Love dogs & give back to dogs in need
  • Obsess over our community & customers
  • Give a poop 💩 and do something about it
  • Bring swagger without ego, be bold but not reckless
  • Be authentic in everything you do
  • Be reliable
  • Think like an owner
  • Champion change, embrace challenge (cha-cha!)
  • Create joy & have fun

With the help of our incredible team, industry experts, vendors, friends and family, we have created what we believe is a necessary shift and upgrade in the dog food industry. Customized super premium meal plans, supplements and mix-ins packed with nutrient-dense superfood ingredients, delivered directly to your door.

Not only have we enhanced dog food recipes and ingredients, but we’ve also taken the pain points out of the process. Our Pup Quiz results give you recommendations for your pup on what to feed, how to feed, and why to feed certain things based on your dog’s age, breed, weight, sensitivities or allergies, and more. We ration out how much of each item your dog will need for 28 days. You can subscribe and save (if you’d like) so you don’t have to worry about whether or not you have enough food for Fido next week. When you’re ready to check-out, shipping is free and so are our hassle-free returns. We want our consumers to feel confident and excited trying our products. If your dog doesn’t love something on their first try, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and created a hassle-free return process too!

We hope you’ll give it a try and join us in supporting pets through advanced nutrition and giving back. Because dogs deserve better.  

If you have a favorite rescue, therapy animal program, or other worthy charity we should know about, contact us! We’re always interested in new ways to support pets in need.


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