National Pit Bull Awareness Day

By Hungry Bark | October 24, 2020

Can you guess which breed of dog has been beloved by presidents, is an early television star’s favorite, and used to be known as “the nanny dog”? The Pit Bull Terrier! There was even a time when the Pit Bull was considered the unofficial dog of the United States.

Despite this impressive history, over the past several decades, this stocky little character has, unfortunately, garnered a bad reputation through no fault of its own.

It’s time for the Pit Bull Terrier to shake off the bad reputation given to it by the media and bad owners. To celebrate the wonderful dog the Pit Bull really is, and to encourage people to adopt them, October 25th is National Pit Bull Awareness Day! Let’s talk about why Pit Bulls deserve a second chance and why they might be the perfect dog for your family.

Myths About Pit Bulls

If you think a Pit Bull is a vicious dog with a locking jaw, you couldn’t be more wrong. Unfortunately, because of their use by illegal dogfighters, the dogs, rather than the people involved, have gotten a reputation for being vicious and wild. Let’s dispel some myths about Pit Bulls.

  • Myth: Pit Bulls have locking jaws. Fact: There is no such thing as a dog with a locking jaw. In fact, Pit Bulls don’t even have the strongest bite; that honor goes to the Rottweiler!


  • Myth: Pit Bulls have an inherently bad temperament. Fact: When tested for temperament on the standardized test designed by the American Temperament Test Society, Pit Bulls score higher than other dogs for good temperament. This includes Golden Retrievers who are known for their sunny disposition. It’s true - Pit Bulls are intelligent and eager to please!

Myth: Pit Bulls are the dog most likely to attack. Fact: Other dogs are often misidentified as Pit Bulls. Boxers, Boston Terriers, mixed breeds, Bulldog mixes, Cane Corsos, and others are often misidentified as Pit Bulls. Dogs in shelters labeled as Pit Bulls are misidentified a shocking 60% of the time.

Famous Pit Bulls

Before they became a media scapegoat, Pit Bulls were famous for their personalities and their antics. Here are some famous dogs you may not have realized were Pit Bulls.

  • Sergeant Stubby- This fellow was an American hero. He is credited with taking down an Axis spy in World War I. The mascot of the 102nd infantry, Stubby was promoted to Sergeant.
  • Petey- The beloved, long-suffering companion of Little Rascals fame. Petey was in reality a Pit Bull terrier named Pal.
  • Grunt- Jumbo-Red played the canine companion of Alex in the 1980s classic Flashdance.  
  • Sir Thomas- Present in one of the most famous pictures of Helen Keller, her loyal and beloved dog was a Pit Bull named Sir Thomas.

This is an impressive list if you ask us!

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