National Black Dog Day

By Hungry Bark | October 1, 2020

October 1st is National Black Dog Day. All too often, black dogs are left behind in shelters in a phenomenon called Black Dog Syndrome. National Black Dog day was started to bring awareness to all the highly adoptable black dogs that remain in shelters, who are too often euthanized because no one wants them.

What’s The Deal With Black Dog Syndrome

No one is sure why black dogs tend to be stuck in shelters longer than other dogs. There are limited studies and statistics on the phenomenon.

A 2010 study found that the color of a dog’s fur was, indeed, a factor when adopters considered their next pet.

There are suggestions that it could be for the same reason black cats tend to be in shelters longer. Black dogs and black cats are both surrounded by superstition and can be associated with bad luck. It has also been said that it could be that they don’t photograph as well, that people feel like their expressions are hard to read, and that black dogs look angry.

Whatever the reason, it’s time to stop leaving black dogs behind. They are just as sweet and loving as other dogs. They all have distinct personalities and just want love and a good home.

If you are thinking of adding a new member to your family, why not go to your local shelter and take a second look at a black dog?

Black Dog Breeds

Great dogs come in every size and color, and unfortunately, dogs of all types end up in shelters and rescues. You are more likely to find a mixed-breed dog in a shelter, but if you see a black dog, think about all the wonderful dogs that could have gone into its genes. We’ve put together a list of popular black dog breeds and have shared a few of the things that make them special.

  • Black Lab - Just like their yellow and chocolate counterparts, the black lab is loyal and sweet. They are easy to train and the perfect family dog.


  • Newfoundland - These are large, fluffy working dogs. Newfoundlands are gentle giants who are a great addition to any family. They do shed a lot and are notorious for drooling, but they make up for it with all the love they give.


  • Schipperke - Originally bred to guard barges, these little guys are a whole lot of personality in a tiny package.


  • Scottish Terrier - These sturdy little fellows are known for being a little eccentric. They can be a little feisty, but they make an excellent companion.


  • Mixed-Breed - Mixed breed dogs are truly one of a kind! You may not be sure what exactly went into their genetics, but that just adds to their charm. They tend to be healthier than pure-bred dogs as a result of “hybrid vigour” where traits like hip dysplasia are less likely to be passed along.

Hungry Bark is committed to helping dogs of all breeds and colors who have found themselves in a shelter. Through the Round Up For Pups program, if you round up to the nearest dollar on your order, Hungry Bark will match 100% of your contribution to donate to rescues across the country.

Remember to adopt, don’t shop, and if you are out looking for a new best friend, give a black dog a chance!

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